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Latest EPs

Our EP releases hark back to the days of 12" vinyl, with each EP usually featuring tracks by a single artist with 2 to 6 extended DJ friendly mixes. Each track is free to download in 256kbps MP3 format with a Creative Commons licence. A new EP is usually released every month, with the series going back to March 2005. Click on a release to find out more and to listen to all the tracks, or click on the audio player for a quick preview of the first track of each EP.

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Latest LPs

Our longer LP album releases include 7 or more tracks and are released less frequently. As well as albums by individual artists we also occasionally release compilations, such as our popular Best Bytes series. Each album is released in MP3 format for free download under a Creative Commons licence. Choose an album to find out more and listen to all the tracks on the LP, or click on the audio player for a quick preview of one selected track.

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Latest DJ Mixes

At the end of every year, we compile a mix of some of the year's more memorable Toucan tracks. The mixes are all feature length, 60 minutes or more, and feature both full tracks and mash-ups, all seamlessly blended together using the latest DJ software. Choose a mix to find out more, or click on the audio player for a quick preview.

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