About Toucan Music

The Toucan Music mission

Toucan Music netlabel Toucan Music is a UK netlabel specialising in royalty free electronic music, particularly house, trance, EDM and chillout with occasional forays into dubstep and breaks. Our mission is to provide original high quality, full length tracks within these genres, in the popular MP3 audio file format.

Our music covers a broad range of styles, with some of our artists producing tracks with a commercial influence, and some producing harder, more experimental and minimal music. The Toucan vibe is generally upbeat and melodic, with strong lead sounds and catchy hook in most of our tracks.

With origins in the UK rave scene, Toucan Music was called Frantik Music until 1st January 2004 and first went online in October 1997. Our music was first freely available for downloading in MP3 format at the end of December 1999 and we became a netlabel in March 2005.

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What is a Netlabel?

Our definition

A netlabel (also known as a web label or internet label) is the online equivalent of a record label; a music label providing tracks that are downloadable from the internet, instead of, or as well as, on CD, tape or vinyl. The majority of netlabels provide a large amount of royalty free material, which can be often be distributed legally free of charge via a Creative Commons Licence.

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Using our podsafe music - the legal bit

Creative CommonsMost of the music you'll find on this website is podsafe, and licenced under royalty free Creative Commons licences for personal use, which not only gives you the chance to include it in your DJ sets, YouTube or Vimeo videos and podcasts, but also sometimes gives you the chance to remix it, sample it or do with it as you wish! Each release can have a different licence, so where you see a CC symbol such as the one shown here, click on it to find out exactly how you can use the tracks. Commercial licences are also available - for more details, check out our music licensing page.

The one thing we do ask is that, if you use any Toucan Music tracks, please put a link to www.toucanmusic.com on your website, podcast, CD sleeve or wherever else you list your credits. Thanks for reading and enjoy the music!