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30.12.2020 End of year mix for 2020 now available!

Our DJ mix compilation celebrating 15 years of Toucan as a netlabel is now available to stream & download! This time around we’ve a bumper extended 90 minute mix which was first broadcast on 27th December on our Facebook channel and features music from 2005 to the present day from Redmann, Notch, Psychadelik Pedestrian, Marc Burt, Blastculture, Base II and more. Listen to it via Mixcloud below, or head on over to our DJ mix page to discover the tracklist and download the mix.

03.12.2020 Outer Self and Travels In The North revisited

Out today, Psychadelik Pedestrian returns with chillout remixes of two of his classic tracks. Taking the tempo to half speed and adding dubby hip hop beats, the mix of Outer Self adds trippy filters to the original drum & bass breaks to create a spaced out trip hop vibe. The remix of Travels In The North keeps the original piano and strings, adding deep sub bass and glitchy trap style beats to bring it up to date. Download them free of charge: Outer Self – Travels In The North EP.

27.08.2020 Remastered Transient now available to stream

Psychadelik Pedestrian’s album Transient has been remastered for 2020 and is now available to stream on all major platforms. Listen now on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Tidal. The album features a new instrumental version of the Black Moon mix of Cry Over You, and a new chillout remix of Solidarity, fresh for 2020.

16.05.2020 Psychadelik Pedestrian’s Nocturnia now available to stream

A remastered version of Psychadelik Pedestrian’s album Nocturnia is now available to stream from all major music platforms! Find it on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. The remastered version features 9 tracks taken from the original, including Nocturnia, Flight Of The Geese, Pacific and Cosmos.

11.05.2020 Marc Burt’s Landscapes album now free to download

Marc Burt’s album Landscapes, released for streaming back in March, is now available to download. The album brings together all of the diverse elements of Marc’s sound, from the melodic deep house of Outback and The Human Race, through to the uplifting trance of Twenty Ten and the acid house of Tweaking. Download all 12 tracks now from our release page: Landscapes – Marc Burt

29.03.2020 Two new house tracks from Notch

Notch presents two fun fresh future house tunes in our latest double track EP. Lost Control blends tight house beats with retro orchestra stabs and bass hits, vocal effects and deep rolling subs. Party Animal combines solid bass and a punchy kick with a slightly cheesy riff that will stick in your head all day. Both tracks are free to use in your own videos and DJ sets: grab them at Notch – Lost Control

08.03.2020 Marc Burt album now available for streaming

Marc Burt‘s new album, Landscapes, is released today exclusively for streaming through Deezer, Spotify and other online platforms. The album includes 12 of Marc’s best tracks from the last 12 years, with a brand new mix of Turbulence. We’ll be bringing you a downloadable version later this year, so watch this space for more details…

30.12.2019 Our annual mix for 2019 is out today!

Our annual end of year mix is available today, featuring an hour of Toucan Music tracks from 2019 and including music from Base II, Marc Burt, Blastculture, Notch, Redmann and more. Stream the mix using the player below, or download it free of charge on our mix page: Toucan Music Presents 2019

27.12.2019 New speed garage from Diamond Cuts

Diamond Cuts present an authentic bass driven speed garage workout in our latest single track release.  Taking inspiration from the late 1990s UK scene, The Elbow Shuffle sets deep sub bass grooves to a shuffling garage rhythm and echoing ragga style vocal samples, breaking down into a filtered organ pad before launching into a dancefloor filler with a catchy bassline.  As always the track is DJ friendly for mixing and available to download free of charge for use in your podcasts, videos and DJ sets: download it from our release page – The Elbow Shuffle

12.12.2019 New techno EP from Base II

Our new three track EP takes inspiration from the 1990s techno scene, featuring pounding kick drums, old school synth stab riffs and uplifting pads. Body Sensations begins on a melodic tip, blending rough techno rhythms with chilled, uplifting chords and synths. Watch out for the soaring pads half way through the track. Tap N Die features gritty stabs and old school jungle style bass. Information Superhighway mixes computerized arpeggios with punchy old school stabs, driving kick drums and an uplifting melody. Download the three tracks free of charge from our release page: Base II EP

02.12.2019 The Toucan is back for 2019

The Toucan revisit their breakbeat track Freshen Up after fifteen years with a new remix fresh for 2019. Keeping the uplifting string sample and retro cut-up breaks, this mix adds even deeper bassline, reverberating vocals and glitchy synth snippets, breaking down into a growling bass synth riff after three minutes before bringing back the breaks and strings. Grab it free of charge for use in your own DJ sets, podcasts and videos from our release page: Freshen Up 2019

15.11.2019 Marc Burt joins forces with Dave Kent

Marc has teamed up with Dave Kent in our latest two track EP release, which combines Marc’s chilled trance sounds with Dave’s acid house influences. Twinkletoes is a mellow groove staring with smooth pads, deep pulsating bass and a spoken vocal sample, before launching into punchy beats with stuttering saxophone sounds and electric guitar samples. Tweaking has of a trance vibe, with melodic pads overlaid with acid riffs, breaking down to delayed electric pianos before launching into a retro trance saw groove. Download them both free of charge from our release page: Tweaking / Twinkletoes

12.10.2019 Notch presents the Loud EP

Out today is the latest EP from Notch, with three brand new future house tracks. Flaw 24 brings in classic piano and string riffs, with crisp modern production, bouncy bass stabs and pumping house beats. Make It Loud begins with old school piano chords and pads, before building up to a bass-driven future house groove with a catchy reverberating vocal sample. Energizer is built around a retro organ lead riff, with shuffled beats building in before breaking down to a classic house piano melody. Go get all three here: Loud EP

03.09.2019 New track from Beat Doctor available

Beat Doctor is back with a new track, Sundown, available to download today along with a fresh Blastculture remix. Going down a darker route for this new release, Sundown is a stripped-down, bass heavy track with punchy house beats and an infectious spoken vocal sample. Blastculture adds a lighter, funky touch with his remix. Get both versions free of charge under Creative Commons licence to use in your own DJ mixes, videos and podcasts here: Sundown by Beat Doctor

31.05.2019 Scratching The Surface gets a remix!

Redmann’s 2003 funky house cut Scratching The Surface gets a rework fresh for 2019 with a new uplifting mix from Notch and a disco remix from Phish Funk. The release includes the original version and also the classic Dave Kent and PP remix – grab all four from our official release page: Scratching The Surface 2019

09.04.2019 Radio Frei² take a fresh look at Toucan Music

We’re always grateful to the guys at Radio Frei² for promoting our music, and it is fantastic to discover that their latest episode is dedicated to looking through some of our latest releases at Toucan. Take a listen and discover eight Toucan tracks from recent years, from Frau Holle, Marc Burt, Psychadelik Pedestrian and Blastculture – along with a couple of other choice cuts:

23.03.2019 Blastculture’s back with Alannah’s Rainbow

Blastculture returns to Toucan with Alannah’s Rainbow, his first new material since 2017’s Waiting Area. Combining fresh and funky house rhythms with mellow filtered pads, plenty of effects and percussion, Blastculture drops the beats halfway through the track and throws in an acidic bassline for good measure. The Beat Doctor Pot Of Gold remix plays on the acidic bassline, adding distortion, old school techno riffs and an uplifting female vocal sample. Grab both versions from our release page: Alannah’s Rainbow

18.02.2019 Notch presents future garage remixes of Psychadelik Pedestrian

Our first release of the new year includes two new remixes from Notch with a future garage / progressive house feel. Notch takes on Psychadelik Pedestrian’s uplifting chillout track Fledgling, pumping up the tempo and adding glitchy house rhythms while keeping the original soaring string melodies. Diamond Cuts return to Toucan, joining forces with Notch for a bass-driven house remix of Cut and Blast’s track Shoutout, blending the original vocal stab riffs with plenty of rhythm and a deep, dark bassline. Both remixes are free to download in MP3 format, and ready for use in your own DJ sets, productions and videos. Grab them here: Notch Remixes Psychadelik Pedestrian

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