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11.12.2018 Marc Burt releases the Landscapes EP

In our latest EP release, out today, Marc Burt presents three uplifting deep trance melodies in the Landscapes EP.  The Human Race builds with a deep, floor-quaking bassline, and uplifting pads before building to a crescendo with haunting electronic piano melodies and strings, bringing back the beats and bassline to reach a climax with the relentless beating of tribal rhythms.  Two more full length tracks can be found on the EP, which is available for free download right here on our website!  Check out the Landscapes EP for more details.

15.11.2018 The Pick Your Own EP is out!

Aerologic return in our latest release, out today, with two brand new progressive house cuts, both with extended DJ friendly mixes.  Download both tracks, and a bonus tech house remix of ‘White Label’ by Blastculture, free of charge for non-commercial use: Pick Your Own EP by Aerologic.

30.10.2018 JVS returns with some retro house music

Back with two new tracks on our latest EP, released today, JVS presents two classic retro house tracks.  Proven Reality includes plenty of uplifting old school piano riffs and strings, crisp house beats and uplifting synth patterns. Tunnel Vision blends brass stabs, vocal snippets and a retro uplifting bouncy bassline before breaking into a stuttering chord pattern. Both tracks are free to download and re-use in non-commercial projects with a Creative Commons licence: Proven Reality by JVS

11.10.2018 Redmann’s first new tracks in six years are now available

In our latest release, Redmann returns with his first new original material in six years, bringing two uptempo tracks on a house and trance tip.  Combining melodic leads with vocoded vocals, Got Me Thinking is an uplifting commercial dance track, while Earworm is a darker track with a pumping trance vibe.  For the bonus remixes, Notch reworks Got Me Thinking into a pumping and uplifting house anthem, blending the vocoder with warm synth pads and a deep, pulsating bassline, and turns Earworm into a slowly building progressive monster with deep reverberating bass and subtle lead synthwork.  The tracks are all available under a Creative Commons licence from our releases page, so grab them now: Redmann – Got Me Thinking

17.09.2018 Marc Burt gets the remix treatment

Two Marc Burt classics get the remix treatment in our latest EP, courtesy of Notch and Marc himself.  Notch reworks Five Senses, adding dirty electro bass to create a pumping, slightly dark house anthem.  Marc is on hand to add the perfect antidote with a clean and slightly minimal retro trance remake of the same track, adding building analogue arpeggios. To complete the EP, Marc turns his hand to his 2010 track, 36 Miles, reworking it into an uplifting progressive trance tune with melodic synth riffs while retaining the catchy lead hook.  Download all of the tracks from our release page: Marc Burt – Five Senses Remixed.

31.08.2018 New EP from EE7A

EE7A returns to follow up his debut Drive EP with another four track release full of analogue techno mayhem, available today.  Download all four tracks free of charge from our release page: Divide By Zero EP.  As usual, the EP is released under a Creative Commons licence which allows you to re-use the music in your own podcasts and DJ mixes free of charge for non-commercial use.

24.08.2018 Our 3 hour mix is now available!

Our 3 hour continuous mix, first broadcast last October to celebrate 20 years of free music from Toucan and our predecessor Frantik Music, is now available on Mixcloud!  Listen using the player below.

13.08.2018 We’re back!

After an absence of several months, the longest time we’ve been offline since we first launched under our old name Frantik Music in October 1997, the Toucan Music website is back online today.  While our site looks the same on the surface, the code has been rewritten behind the scenes to bring you a more secure browsing experience, with a new web host, https secure connection, and many more improvements.  We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the site and the music!

26.01.2018 Carousel EP now out from Aerologic

Our latest EP features three uplifting progressive house cuts from Aerologic. Carousel builds with a trance-style riff and edgy bass, before breaking down into a lush pad section with soaring chords. Emotions Taking Over builds with pumping bass drops, vocal snippets and synth plucks before introducing haunting pianos and pads. Aerologic joins forces with Notch for the closing track, White Label, to combine progressive house with deep house and old school influences. In true Toucan style, all three tracks are available for free download with Creative Commons licence for using in your own podcasts, videos and DJ mixes – download them now: Carousel EP.

04.01.2018 Our annual review mix for 2017 is live

Our annual review of the year for 2017 is now available! Featuring tracks from Blastculture, Frau Holle, EE7A, Aerologic, Notch and more, our 78 minute mix includes music from our best Toucan Music releases during 2017 and is available for streaming via MixCloud or completely free download. Have a listen below and if you like it, download from our DJ Mixes section: Toucan Music Presents 2017

02.01.2018 Drones tops our 2017 download chart

Happy new year! We’ve been in a reflective mood here at Toucan as we see in 2018, and have carried out our annual check to see which of our tracks have proved the most popular over the last year. In 2017, Psychadelik Pedestrian’s Drones was our most downloaded track, knocking Risey’s Memories Of Thailand from the top spot after five years as our most popular track between 2012 and 2016. Taking second and third in our chart are two tracks from Phish Funk’s Discotheque EP. There’s also a surprise new entry for Phish Funk in tenth place, with their track Beautiful Geometry entering our chart for the first time, despite being nearly ten years old, thanks to its inclusion on our Best Bytes 4 compilation released last year. You can view the complete chart along with previous year countdowns on our Toucan Music Download Chart page.

27.12.2017 New remixes of Psychadelik Pedestrian vocal tracks

Fresh today, Aerologic and Notch present two remixes of classic Psychadelik Pedestrian vocal tracks. Notch takes the reins for a deep house reworking of Psychadelik Pedestrian’s 2010 track Tears In My Heart, while Aerologic is on hand for a remix of Psychadelik Pedestrian’s 2011 track Upside Down. Download both tracks free of charge and released under a Creative Commons licence for you to re-use in your DJ sets, podcasts and videos for non-commercial use: The Vocal Remixes.

06.12.2017 New techno EP from EE7A

Formerly known as sea.envy, we’re delighted to welcome Clayton back to Toucan with three new original tracks from his new EE7A project featuring driving drum machine percussion blended with gritty, overdriven techno riffs and arpeggios. Also included is a remix of JAde Wii track Blue Leaves, combining a catchy hook and soulful melody with edgy, driving techno beats, and a promo DJ mix from the man behind the EE7A project showcasing the music from the release. Download them free from our release page: Drive EP by EE7A.

03.11.2017 New release from Blastculture

Blastculture returns with his first release since Kill The Drummers, a new track called Waiting Area, blending together old school analogue drum samples with house beats and tribal rhytmic sounds, keeping a rigid four to the floor kick. The Notch remix has a classic speed garage feel with shuffled beats, organ chord hits, deep sub-bass and some sinister stabs thrown in for good measure. Grab both versions now free of charge as usual and available for re-use under a Creative Commons licence.

20.10.2017 50@20: 4 Hour DJ Mix Live Broadcast!

Join us live on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th October to celebrate 20 years of free music from Toucan and our predecessor Frantik Music! Our website was first launched on 24th October 1997 and we’re broadcasting a live 4 hour DJ mix in 2 parts, starting on Monday… join at YouTube:

13.09.2017 Remixes of Ascending Souls EP

Following up our Frau Holle LP for Netlabel Day earlier this summer, our latest EP presents two remixes of tracks from the album. Chasing Rainbows receives an update from Marc Burt and Notch, taking the original melody and adding house rhythms, uplifting pads and a catchy hook to finish. Psychadelik Pedestrian takes control for Ascending Souls, building up slowly with a gradually opening filtered hook, then bursting into life with haunting piano melodies and upfront electronic beats added to the uplifting chords of the original. Grab both tracks from this new release: Ascending Souls Remixes.

19.08.2017 Aerologic remixes classic Marc Burt tracks!

Aerologic presents two energetic remixes of classic Marc Burt tracks in our latest EP. Marc’s 2006 trance track Lies is first to receive the remix treatment, with a throbbing warped bass intro breaking down into lush pads, then launching into a bouncy stab pattern before launching back into the pads and a catchy synth melody. Aerologic’s remix of Twenty Ten starts with shuffling hi-hat rhythms and filtered chords before launching into a heavily ducked version of the original riffs with epic sizzling synths and pumping club beats. Download them here: Aerologic remixes Marc Burt.

10.07.2017 Frau Holle album to be released for Netlabel Day

Following up our latest EP, here is a sneak preview of the new Frau Holle album, Ascending Souls. Featuring ten electronica tracks combining the sounds of 21st Century chilled trance and house music with classic analog synthesizer music from the 1970s and 1980s, the album will be released on 14th July for this year’s Netlabel Day.

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Toucan Music presents 2017

Toucan Music presents 2017

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1. Drones - Psychadelik Pedestrian [2016]
2. Strum - Phish Funk [2016]
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4. Elements - Marc Burt (Psychadelik Pedestrian remix) [2016]
5. Poles Apart - Marc Burt [2016]
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