Marc Burt

Music Style:  Haunting progressive trance       First Toucan Track:  Elements (2002)      Real Names:  Marc Burt      

Marc Burt burst onto the scene in 2002 with the uplifting trance cut Elements. Marc's follow up, Turbulence from 2003, a slightly more progressive and chilled affair, set the scene for his future sound and had been around for a while when, in Spring 2004, it took off on the now-defunct shortly after the site's launch. A chillout mix by Psychadelik Pedestrian gave the track further attention.

Marc didn't produce again for Toucan until November 2004, when his third track, Exodus, went online. This time featuring a funkier feel while still keeping the lush pads and reverb, Exodus didn't prove as popular as Marc was hoping, leading to his hiatus from the music scene for well over a year. Despite this, Marc Burt's name was brought to a new audience at Toucan at the end of 2004 when JMD remixed Elements in a harder trance style.

Marc returned to Toucan at the end of 2005, firstly remixing Beat Doctor's Kicks in a progressive, acidic trance style and then, at the start of 2006, beginning work on two collaborations with Beat Doctor - Aerial Photograph and Freak Of Nature - combining Beat Doctor's electro house style with Marc's laid back trance sound. The success of Aerial Photograph persuaded Marc to return on his own with three new tunes, Last Flight Home, Momentum and Lies, all released during the second half of 2006.

In 2007, Marc's Ethereal added a further dimension to his sound with squelchy synths and choir samples! Returning to a more minimal, progressive sound, the acidic Pioneers and the slightly warped Five Senses added to Marc's catalogue of releases in 2008. In July 2008, Turbulence was given a long overdue revamp with a brand new anthemic tech-trance remix from JMD accompanying remastered versions of the original mix and Psychadelik Pedestrian's remix.

In 2009, Marc remixed his track Last Flight Home, which was joined by remixes of Pioneers by Psychadelik Pedestrian and Exodus by Beat Doctor. Marc's sound took a change of direction in 2010 with Twenty Ten, a bouncier, more commercial trance track.

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Elements” by Marc Burt [Marc Burt and Aerologic remix]
Beautiful Geometry” by Phish Funk [Marc Burt remix]
Solidarity” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Marc Burt remix]
Departure Lounge” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Marc Burt mix]
Aerial Photograph” by Marc Burt & Beat Doctor [Marc Burt mix]
Scorpion” by Redmann [Marc Burt remix]
Scorpion” by Redmann [Marc Burt’s "back to ’98" remix]
Kicks” by Beat Doctor [Marc Burt v Beat Doctor mix]