Ethereal - Remixes

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Ethereal - Remixes

by Marc Burt

    EDM / Trance

This release features three new mixes of Marc Burt's trance track Ethereal. Aerologic presents two mixes, the upfront mix lifts the uplifting pads from the original and blends in spacious, reverberating trance riffs, before breaking down with the original warped synth riff and adding bleepy, computerised arpeggios, ending with another breakdown into the uplifting pad section. The progressive mix focusses on the warped synth riff, filtering this in and out before a huge electro chord breakdown which slowly builds with the synth being brought back to a crescendo. Blastculture returns to add his own minimal house grooves to his steampunk remix, emphasising the synth arpeggios and adding funky house rhythms.

Tracklist and downloads

1. Ethereal (Aerologic uplifting remix)   Uplifting Trance  [ 7:39 ]
2. Ethereal (Aerologic progressive remix )   Progressive House  [ 6:59 ]
3. Ethereal (Blastculture steampunk remix)   Minimal House  [ 6:22 ]


Release image: Release photograph by Todd Quackenbush courtesy of Unsplash

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Creative Commons LicenceEthereal - Remixes by Marc Burt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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