Music Style:  Minimal and glitchy house       First Toucan Track:  Shinoda vs Akane      Real Names:  Danilo       Website:
Blastculture is Danilo, a house music artist from Italy who has released music on a variety of netlabels including Repeat Beat, Deep-x, Ephedrina and Noisybeat. Blastculture blends a wide range of styles, including funky house, acid, glitch and minimal, to create a rhythmic groove suitable for any dancefloor. The first Blastculture release at Toucan Music was his remix of Beat Doctor's Alright in 2013.

EP Releases by Blastculture

Remixes by Blastculture

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Listen To The Rhythm” by Notch [Blastculture rhythmic surface mix]
Escapade” by Aerologic [Blastculture locked room remix]
Jangle” by Aerologic [Blastculture viscous mix]
Lava Lamp” by Phish Funk [Blastculture 3-28AM remix]
Interference” by JMD v Kube [Interference (Blastculture Sad Wave mix)]
The Enemy Within” by The Toucan [Blastculture Twisted Form remix]
Move Harder” by Redmann [Blastcultures you wanna hear my remix]
Ethereal” by Marc Burt [Blastculture steampunk remix]
Night Beach” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Blastculture remix]
Twisted Orchestra” by Beat Doctor [Blastculture Glitched Ball remix]