No1 Is Safe

No1 Is Safe


by Blastculture

    Minimal House

Blastculture returns with another two progressive house cuts featuring his trademark infectious yet minimal groove. Building up with driving club beats with tribal rhythms before a slightly sinister breakdown introduces strings and effects, No1 Is Safe is a DJ friendly pumping minimal track which will get those dancefloors moving. Speak Out combines shuffled rhythms with a garage influence, orchestral swells, spoken female vocal samples and bubbling flange effects and a filter breakdown to create an atmospheric dancefloor workout.

Tracklist and downloads

1. No1 Is Safe (replica mix)   Minimal House  [ 4:47 ]
2. Speak Out   Hard House  [ 6:40 ]


Release image: Scream and Shout by Mindaugas Danys - Flickr

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