Sleep Tight Remixes

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Sleep Tight Remixes

by Psychadelik Pedestrian v Blastculture


Blastculture and Notch return with three new remixes of tracks taken from the Psychadelik Pedestrian LP Fifteen. Starting with atmospheric pads and bringing in tribal rhythms, Sergio's Last Remix of Sleep Tight launches into a rhythmic house workout, combining the hard edged distorted bass of the original with smooth dancefloor grooves. The Steady State Remix of Hit The Deck is a faster track with a darker feel, with hard house and techno influences. The remix repitches the original bassline and adds Blastculture's trademark bleepy effects. Notch concludes the release with a house remix of Sleep Tight, keeping the original melancholy keyboard riffs and adding smooth electronic beats, crisp rhythmic hi-hats and a subtle yet punchy organ riff. The remix kicks into the original's harder, gabber influenced middle section before closing with more house rhythms towards the end.

Tracklist and downloads

1. Sleep Tight (Sergio's Last Remix)   Tribal House  [ 6:25 ]
2. Sleep Tight (Notch house remix)   House  [ 5:59 ]
3. Hit The Deck (Steady State Remix)   Tech House  [ 5:56 ]


Release image: Photo by Annie Spratt from Unsplash

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