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Music Style:  Deep House; Future House       First Toucan Track:  Broken Record (2015)      

UK artist Notch produces uplifting deep house, pumping future house and electro house music. Notch appeared on the scene in 2015, with his debut track Broken Record featuring on Toucan Music's Netlabel Day 2015 EP. The track featured as the B-side to Believe In Love, Notch's first solo release, a more mainstream deep house track with an infectious vocal sample. Notch featured on remix duties for Psychadelik Pedestrian's electro breaks track Pulse, reworking it in his uplifting style, and then released his second deep house cut Lose You in 2016.

In late 2016, Notch turned to the punchy future house sound, producing Do U Like with a bouncy bassline, catchy vocal sample, and old school piano riffs. Further remixes and original material followed in the same style, including Descent, Flaw 24 and Make It Loud, along with remixes of Redmann's Turn The Corner, Psychadelik Pedestrian's Tears In My Heart and Marc Burt's Five Senses. Notch began to grow tired of this sound and produced his final EP in 2020, featuring Lost Control and Party Animal, before moving on to other projects.

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