Elements 2016

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Elements 2016

by Marc Burt

    Trance and Chillout

In this EP, Marc Burt revisits his first track Elements, originally produced back in 2002, and brings it up to date. Psychadelik Pedestrian's chillout mix keeps the original gated synth chords and pianos, adding half speed, chilled beats, haunting strings and extended analogue synth riffs. Marc's remix with Aerologic retains the recognisable gated synth and uplifting piano from the original track, adds crisp contemporary beats and launches into a huge, arpeggiated trance riff, adding a sense of energy to the track to get those hands up in the air! Also included is JMD's 2004 hard trance remix, featuring plenty of stuttering, gated synths and pounding trance beats.

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