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Music Style:  House and Trance       First Toucan Track:  Ricochet (2011)      Real Names:  John      

Aerologic joined Toucan in 2011 with his debut track Loaded and followed this up in 2012 with Close Encounters, a techno-influenced underground progressive track, but it was Electronaut in 2013 that really defined his sound. Heavily inspired by the progressive house sound associated with the EDM craze of the early 2010s, Aerologic began producing tracks with chunky stab riffs, snarling bass and bouncy 4/4 rhythms, evident on Digital Nation, Renaissance and Renegade. A string of similarly styled remixes followed, including reworkings of Neurotic, originally by Redmann, and Excelsior's Why Not.

Aerologic released his self-titled album in 2015, a compilation of original tracks and remixes in his trademark style. This was followed by Uneven Symmetry, a collaboration with Notch in a more minimal style, before reverting to his usual anthemic sound in Breathless in 2016 and the Carousel EP in 2018.

Following the decline of the big room EDM sound, Aerologic went on to other projects after the release of the Pick Your Own EP in late 2018.

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