Music Style:  House and Trance       First Toucan Track:  Ricochet (2011)      Real Names:  John      
John has been writing dance music under many other artist aliases since 1994. After producing electro house as Beat Doctor and trance as JMD for over six years, John decided in 2011 that these projects had run their course as the genres started to merge. As Aerologic, John combines the styles, creating melodic, uplifting, contemporary tracks designed to fill the dancefloor.

Albums by Aerologic

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Remixes by Aerologic

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Moving The Ocean” by Blastculture [Aerologic remix]
Elements” by Marc Burt [Marc Burt and Aerologic remix]
Hypnotise” by Psychadelik Pedestrian [Phish Funk v Aerologic remix]
Lets Try To Sleep Now” by Blastculture [Aerologic remix]
Thirty One” by JMD [Aerologic remix]
Polar” by JMD v Kube [Aerologic remix]
Born Into It” by Redmann [Aerologic remix]
Why Not” by Excelsior [Aerologic euro mix]
Why Not” by Excelsior [Aerologic piano mix]
Ethereal” by Marc Burt [Aerologic uplifting remix]
Ethereal” by Marc Burt [Aerologic progressive remix]
Neurotic” by Redmann v Hyperterminal [Aerologic remix]
Deep Sea” by Marc Burt [Aerologic EDM remix]
Alright” by Beat Doctor [Aerologic remix]
Plastic Explosive” by Redmann [Aerologic remix]
By The Water” by Space Invaderz v Psychadelik Pedestrian [Aerologic remix]