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Music Style:  Melodic trance       First Toucan Track:  Thirty One (1999)      Real Names:  John      

Inspired by the likes of Ferry Corsten and Paul Van Dyk, John produced his first pure trance track in early 1999, called Thirty One, released under the name Hyperterminal. Seeking You was produced in the summer of 1999, which was chosen to be one of the first tracks made available online by Frantik Music. This was a great success, and by summer 2000, Seeking You had featured in MP3.com's and Vitaminic's download charts. In early 2000, two new Hyperterminal tracks, Stranger In Paradise and The Dream, also proved popular online, and by the end of the year John was on the verge of signing several Hyperterminal tracks for a vinyl release. Destination, Distressed Rhombus, Fanfare and Hemisphere were chosen for the Hyperterminal EP, the vinyl released in autumn 2001 on Rough Diamond, with Hemisphere reaching number 3 on the Daily Star's Essential Clubbing chart on 22 November.

Two further releases followed, Stay With Me and Voyager (2001) and Ascension and The Transformation (2002), with "Ascension" played three weeks in succession by Dave Pearce on Radio One in Autumn 2002. Although a few more Hyperterminal tracks were produced, the temporary decline in popularity of melodic trance music in 2003/04 proved the nail in the coffin for Hyperterminal, with John going on to pursue other musical projects.

In 2006, the Hyperterminal name returned to the spotlight in a different genre, when freeform producer Lost Soul remixed the 2000 track Stranger In Paradise. Two of the original Hyperterminal tracks from 1999 also received a tenth anniversary revamp on Toucan Music in 2009 - Thirty One and Seeking You, and in 2019 and 2020, twentieth anniversary reworks of Seeking You, Stranger In Paradise and The Dream were released on the ABX label.

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