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Music Style:  Cheeky breaks and electroclash       First Toucan Track:  Point Blank (2003)      Real Names:  The Toucan      
The Toucan

Producing cheeky UK breakbeat, the first Toucan track was Point Blank, dating from summer 2003 (a Dave Kent and Psychadelik Pedestrian collaboration) and released online in January 2004. The online release coincided with the change of the name of this site to - hence the new artist name.

Freshen Up was the follow up from early 2004, an irritatingly catchy, rolling mix of synth bass and breakbeat with a bizarre vocal sample. The even more eccentric "bathroom" remix featured a sample of a flushing toilet at the end!

The third track, this time produced by Psychadelik Pedestrian alone, Push It Down was the first to feature a full vocal, completely synthesized using FruityLoops Speech utility. The vocal was mixed with heavily distorted bass and electronic beats. Following this, the fourth track The Enemy Within was finished in the Autumn of 2004 and featured a stripped down, old skool breakbeat sound. The final track, 2005's Audial Assault was a distorted mix of breakbeats, again featuring a full vocal but this time a combined mix of real vocals and synthesized speech.

Always intended as a temporary venture, The Toucan project was wound up after Audial Assault, though Freshen Up was remixed in 2019.

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