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by Psychadelik Pedestrian


1. All Of Time 2021
2. Island In The Sky 2021
3. Your Eyes 2021
4. Relay 2021
5. Aurora 2021
7. Teal 2021
8. Promise Me 2021


Psychadelik Pedestrian returns with All Of Time, his first new album in six years. Combining his trademark melodic vibe with retro 1980s synth sounds, this album kicks off with the uptempo title track featuring catchy keyboard riffs and electro synth patterns, before launching into the swirling psychedelic organ sounds of Island In The Sky. Your Eyes takes the tempo down a notch, starting with a chilled piano and strings vibe before bringing back the synthesizers alongside hypnotic echoing vocals.

The retro feel returns for Relay, a nod to the electro breaks of Twist Turn Slide and Pulse, which is followed by the chilled cosmic pads of Aurora. Midnight Drones is an electro-tinged remix of Psychadelik Pedestrian's Netlabel Day 2016 track, while Teal is a departure from the 1980s theme, instead featuring trance-inspired stuttering riffs playing over half speed contemporary beats. The synth pop feel returns for Promise Me, an uplifting anthemic chord-driven vocal track.

The last two tracks close the album on a chilled note, with Clouds featuring warm, melodic and slightly melanchonic synths alongside ethereal haunting vocal harmonies and Equinox finishing with uplifting pads set to tribal rhythms, reverberating snares and piano.


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