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Music Style:  Funky retro house       First Toucan Track:  Retro Fever (1999)      
Phish Funk

Phish Funk is an artist name used by John and Dave. The first Phish Funk track was Retro Fever from 1999, which used a filtered disco loop. At the time, this tune was intended as a one off, but in 2002 another track Phenomenon was produced which proved to be a big online hit for Toucan, featuring in the most played tracks chart for 2003, 2004 and 2005.

In 2005 two new tunes were produced, Stargazing and Bath Taps, with John providing the samples and synth sounds, and Dave providing the funky bass and assisting with the beats. Another collaboration in 2006 was Peru, which kept the funky sounds but added some latin American influences, and in 2007 the pair joined forces again for Aquarius which kept the funky feel but added more contemporary house beats. 2010's The Squelch, which added electro and acid sounds, proved to be the last Phish Funk track until 2016, when the slower, disco-tinged Strum (Capture My Heart) featuring a filtered vocal loop, brought the Phish Funk sound right back to where it began. Although this proved to be the last Phish Funk original to date, a remix of Redmann's Scratching The Surface was released in 2019.

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