Action Sequence

Action Sequence


by Psychadelik Pedestrian


This release showcases rockin' action breaks from Psychadelik Pedestrian - music for car chases, great escapes and high octane stunts! The original mix features bouncy synth action and a funky driving bassline, while Dave Kent's remix adds guitar scratching and hectic breakbeat and tribal drumming. A must for your car stereo!

Tracklist and downloads

1. Action Sequence - edit  Breakbeat  [ 3:56 ]

2. Action Sequence - Dave Kentís rockiní break  Funky breakbeat  [ 7:49 ]

3. Action Sequence - original mix  Breakbeat  [ 5:54 ]

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Creative Commons LicenceAction Sequence by Psychadelik Pedestrian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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