2010 Remixes : Part 3

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2010 Remixes : Part 3

by Psychadelik Pedestrian

    Bouncy House

In the third volume of 2010 remixes from Toucan Music, two Psychadelik Pedestrian tracks are reworked by Beat Doctor. First up is Psychadelik Pedestrian's 2009 track, World Of Fantasy, which is remixed in a slightly minimal old skool deep house style with retro synth basslines, stabs and pads. The B-side is 1998 track Eternal Truth, which is moulded into an upbeat bouncy house track, retaining the classical piano and strings, and adding sidechained pads, a thumping kick and sizzling contemporary synths.

Tracklist and downloads

2. Eternal Truth (Beat Doctor remix)   Progressive House  [ 7:36 ]
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Creative Commons Licence2010 Remixes : Part 3 by Psychadelik Pedestrian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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