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New track released with two mixes


Base II and JMD join forces with Eventspace, out today, with two mixes available to download! First up, the retro tech mix has an early 1990s techno and trance feel with a deep, chunky bassline, hi-hat patterns and an organ-style riff. The big room mix features booming hard house rhythms, warm chord stabs and bouncy, […]

JMD releases brand new single


Toucan veteran JMD returns with a new single, Engage, following on from his recent collaboration with Base II. Engage is a hard trance floor filler with sizzling arpeggios, throbbing bass and punchy beats. The radio edit is free to download right here at Toucan, while an extended mix is available to stream and download from […]

Celebrate our 10th birthday with our latest release!


Ten years ago on 8th March 2005, we released an EP from trance producer JMD featuring two tracks, Thirty One and Formation. Although the Toucan Music website had been live since January 2004, and had been releasing music online since 1997 under the name Frantik Music, the release of Thirty One and Formation marked a […]

Polar Interference


It’s December, the nights are closing in and there’s definitely a chill in the air – what better time to bring you a brand new mix of JMD’s trance track Polar?  Aerologic is on hand to provide another epic EDM remix, keeping the essence of the original with it’s uplifting melodic hook and adding some […]

New remixes of Psychadelik Pedestrian tracks


Two brand new remixes of Psychadelik Pedestrian’s “Night Beach” and “Catch My Fall” have been released today!  Blastculture and JMD are on the case, bringing you some uptempo house versions of both tracks ideal for the dancefloor.  Grab the full length, DJ friendly versions for free on our release page, licenced under Creative Commons as […]

The return of Blastculture


We’ve got two great new releases featuring Blastculture coming soon!  Firstly, Blastculture himself presents two new minimal hard house tracks, this time pushing the tempo faster and harder than in his summer release Shinoda vs Akane.  JMD is back too with a bonus remix for this release, which is due later in November, so watch […]

New remixes of Zero Gravity


Our new release today features two brand new chillout remixes of Redmann’s Zero Gravity.  Psychadelik Pedestrian’s remix features atmospheric pads and half-speed beats, while Redmann’s own remix keeps the original sounds and slows down the tempo, adding acoustic beats.  The release also includes remastered versions of JMD’s trance remix and Redmann’s breakbeat mix.  As usual, […]

Remastered JMD remix compilation!


JMD presents 18 of his favourite remixes from 2004 to 2012 in this collection of uplifting, melodic and hard trance music, new today. All the remixes have been completely remastered for 2012 to improve the sound quality, and are available to download here in DJ friendly, high quality MP3 format.

New JMD release at Manifest Northwest


A brand new JMD track combining trance and prog techno is now available over at the always excellent netlabel Manifest Northwest Recordings, along with a bonus remix from sea.envy! Check it out and download for free here:

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