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JMD remixes New Beginning


Out today, JMD presents a remix of his track New Beginning, first released back in 2003. Staying with the original melodic trance vibe, this fresh version of the track combines warm uplifting chord stabs with infectious arpeggio melodies. Stream or download the track now from our Singles page: JMD – New Beginning

Marc Burt’s Lies gets a refresh


Marc Burt‘s 2006 electro house track Lies gets a refresh this week as Beat Doctor releases a remastered version of his popular remix of the track. Featuring uplifting chords, throbbing bassline and catchy melody, the new version of Lies is available now to download from our singles pages or stream from all major platforms just […]

Base II teams up with Dave Kent


Our latest single sees Base II team up with Dave Kent for some hard house mayhem. Blending a driving kick drum, techno rhythms, air horns and screaming old school hoovers, Hysteria is a reminder of why we used to be called Frantik Music when we first started out! Download it from Toucan now, stream it […]

Psychadelik Pedestrian remixes Altitude


Delta 78‘s Altitude gets a new remix from Psychadelik Pedestrian, available today. Psychadelik Pedestrian’s remix takes the melody and soaring chords of the original, setting them to old school breakbeat rhythms with deep sub-bass. Grab the free download from our singles pages, or stream online now. Don’t forget the original progressive house mix from Delta […]

Millennium Bug comes to Toucan Music


Silvergold bring their 2019 track Millennium Bug to Toucan, with a brand new remix fresh for 2023. Keeping the classic late 90’s house vibe and uplifting pianos of the original and adding an updated rhythm section with fresh beats, the new version of Millennium Bug is available to download as usual from our singles pages […]

New from Marc Burt & Delta 78: Blue Neon


Marc Burt & Delta 78‘s new single Blue Neon, out today, is a melodic progressive track combining Marc’s trademark uplifting chords and warm pads with a catchy lead hook and a driving bassline. Download it now or listen on all the major streaming platforms.

Base II release a new single


Out today, the latest single from Base II is now available to download and stream! Buzzin’ is on a hard house / techno tip and features pounding kick drums, driving hi-hats, distorted buzzin’ bass riffs and a melodic breakdown. Check it out today from our singles pages.

Sunfall gets a remix!


Released today, the main room mix of Sunfall by Psychadelik Pedestrian & Marc Burt takes the chilled pads and rolling breaks of the original and adds an epic catchy melody to get the dancefloor pumping. The new mix is now available to download from Toucan Singles as well as for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, […]

New from Silvergold: Second Encounter


Silvergold‘s latest track Second Encounter is released today. Second Encounter evokes the feel of 1990s breakbeat trance with sizzling chord stab patterns and frenetic hi-hats set against a background of rhythmic breaks. As usual the radio edit is free for you to download here at Toucan, with an extended DJ-friendly mix available from major music […]

Latest Delta 78 single now available


Altitude, the latest single from Delta 78 is now available. Featuring soaring pads and uplifting melodies, Altitude builds on Delta 78’s classic trance and progressive house sound. Download it free from our singles section, or stream now on your favourite music platforms.

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