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Drones tops our 2017 download chart


Happy new year! We’ve been in a reflective mood here at Toucan as we see in 2018, and have carried out our annual check to see which of our tracks have proved the most popular over the last year. In 2017, Psychadelik Pedestrian’s Drones was our most downloaded track, knocking Risey’s Memories Of Thailand from […]

Top downloads of 2015 revealed


Happy new year! Last year we smashed our overall download record for any year with over 1.5 million downloads of all our individual tracks across the web, including downloads on other portals such as the Free Music Archive and Jamendo, so thanks to everyone who listened to or downloaded our music in 2015. Our annual […]

Our top 5 revealed!


Concluding our anniversary countdown of our most popular downloads since becoming a netlabel in March 2005, here are our Top 5 biggest downloads over the last 10 years: 5. Aquarius – Phish Funk 4. Night Beach (Redmann remix) – Psychadelik Pedestrian 3. Prismattack (bouncy mix) – Prism 2. Memories of Thailand (Beat Doctor’s stuck in […]

Counting down our top downloads of all time – part 3


Resuming our countdown of the top downloads since we launched the netlabel in 2005, here’s the start of the top 10! 10. Pump It (Beat Doctor remix) – Dave Kent 9. Lost The Plot – Beat Doctor 8. Turbulence (JMD remix) – Marc Burt 7. Born Into It (chillout mix) – Redmann 6. Wonderland (Dreamworld […]

Counting down our top downloads of all time – part 2


Continuing our countdown of the top 20 Toucan tracks of all time, today we reveal 10 – 14: 10. Pump It (Beat Doctor remix) – Dave Kent 11. Move Harder (Beat Doctor remix) – Redmann 12. Against The Grain (Beat Doctor v Dave Kent remix) – Psychadelik Pedestrian 13. The Piano Tune – Beat Doctor […]

Counting down our top downloads of all time – part 1


For our 10th anniversary as a netlabel this month, we’re counting down our top 20 downloads of all time from the Toucan Music website. Here’s the first instalment counting down from 20 to 15: 20. Bad Man – Beat Doctor 19. Aerial Photograph (Marc Burt mix) – Marc Burt v Beat Doctor 18. Plasma – […]

A third year on top for Risey


Happy new year!  Thanks to everyone who supported us during 2014 by downloading and streaming our music releases.  We’ve counted up all the figures, and across all of our partner sites, Risey’s Memories Of Thailand – the Beat Doctor remix – has been our most downloaded track once again for the third year running!  This track, […]

2013 Downloads – Risey makes the top for a second year


Happy new year!  Our annual download chart for 2013 has been released, and once again Risey has made the top spot with “Memories Of Thailand” – the Beat Doctor remix, which was also the most popular Toucan Music track in 2012.  Beat Doctor’s “Got Me” moves up to second place and makes a third year […]

Risey tops the charts in 2012


Happy new year! The figures are in and we can confirm that Risey topped our download chart for 2012 with his tune Memories of Thailand (the Beat Doctor remix). Risey‘s track was released back in 2007 and was our 4th most popular that year, but hasn’t featured in the chart since and has made a remarkable comeback after featuring on our Free Music […]

Redmann tops 2011 chart


The stats are in and this time around Redmann has blown away the competition and taken four of the top five places in the 2011 Download Chart, with his chillout remix of Plasma in pole position. A surprise third place goes to Redmann’s 2007 track Born Into It, which never featured in the chart first time around but received additional promotion […]

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