Zero Gravity: The Remixes

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Zero Gravity: The Remixes

by Redmann


Back in 2000, Redmann wrote the original version of Zero Gravity which the first track to feature his trademark blend of trance, funky house and chillout. Now, 13 years later, Redmann revisits the track and gives it his chilled treatment, slowing down the tempo and adding spaced-out pads. Psychadelik Pedestrian provides a new chillout mix, adding uplifting synths and plenty of reverb. Also included, and remastered especially for this release, are the JMD trance remix and the breakbeat remix from 2004. JMD morphs the tune into an uplifting yet dancefloor friendly main room trance stomper, while the breakbeat mix adds analog arpeggios along with plenty of tribal rhythms. Release picture courtesy of the US Army:

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