Best Bytes Volume 3


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Best Bytes Volume 3 Our third collection of Best Bytes features another 19 highlights from our back catalogue dating from 2004 to right up to 2015. As usual the album showcases the wide range of electronic and dance genres released on our netlabel, from the laid back grooves of Psychadelik Pedestrian's Liquid Nitrogen to the frenetic, trance influenced UK hardcore of Dreamworld's Feel The Power. In between, the album features plenty of Toucan's signature melodic house sound, represented with Beat Doctor's Organic and The Piano Tune, Marc Burt's irritatingly catchy Human Intelligence and the deep house grooves of Amazonia, and the upfront progressive house of Aerologic. One of our newer arrivals, Blastculture, adds his trademark minimal touch on his remix of Lava Lamp, while Psychadelik Pedestrian rocks those electro breaks on Hypnotise. As with all of our Best Bytes compilations, older tracks have been remastered especially for this album.

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