Toucan Music presents 2005 to 2020

Various Artists

- 90 minutes

Toucan Music presents 2005 to 2020 Toucan Music returns with our annual end of the year mix, this time featuring music from 2005 through to 2020 to celebrate 15 years as a netlabel. The mix takes you on a journey from the deep minimal grooves of Blastculture and retro piano house of JVS through funky vibes with Phish Funk and Dave Kent, and gradually increasing the tempo with the progressive house of Notch and Marc Burt to the uplifting trance of JMD.

Whole Mix (256 MP3 File, 165Mb)  


1. Sleep Tight (Sergio's Last Remix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2016

2. Proven Reality by JVS 2018

3. Turbulence (2020 Remix) by Marc Burt 2020

4. Beautiful Geometry by Phish Funk 2008

5. Roots and Shoots by Dave Kent 2012

6. Scratching The Surface (Phish Funk Disco Mix) by Redmann 2019

7. Chasing Rainbows (Marc Burt and Notch remix) by Frau Holle 2017

8. Flaw 24 (extended mix) by Notch 2019

9. Turn The Corner (Notch remix) by Redmann 2017

10. Pioneers by Marc Burt 2008

11. Tears In My Heart (Notch remix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian 2017

12. Beast by Beat Doctor 2009

13. The Piano Tune by Beat Doctor 2008

14. Baby Crying by Fioko 2009

15. Electronaut (edit) by Aerologic 2013

16. Dancefloor Virus 2007 by Silverknight & Beat Doctor 2007

17. Plastic Explosive (Aerologic Remix) by Redmann 2012

18. Aquarius (JMD Remix) by Phish Funk 2010

19. Body Sensations by Base II 2019

20. By The Water (Aerologic remix) by Space Invaderz & Psychadelik Pedestrian 2011

21. On Target (Remix) by JMD 2010

22. Are You Feeling It? (Rawbase Remix) by Redmann 2005

Licence for re-use

Creative Commons LicenceToucan Music presents 2005 to 2020 by Redmann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at can licence these tracks for commercial use, including monetized YouTube videos. Please fill in our music licensing form for details.

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